Your Support Network

Property investing can give you the opportunity to be in charge of your own destiny, as you utilise your rental income and equity growth to move you from your current financially position, to your desired destination.

When one asks property investors why they invest in property, some answer that they want more retirement income or to leave a legacy for their children; however, for the majority it is because they want financial freedom.

What does this mean? It means passive income. The ability to do the things you want to do, whilst at the same time money is being generated without you being there. Normally you work to earn money, which you then spend, and then work some more in an ever-revolving cycle. If you invest wisely property will give you passive income even when you are on a beach somewhere warm or skiing in the Alps! Wise investing includes numerous factors, such as a good location, buying from motivated sellers and ensuring you generate some profit after all costs are taken out.

People often say that that they are fearful of making that first step, so we tell them “get support and surround yourself with people who are doing it already”. This is so powerful and will help you to avoid some of the pitfalls new investors may fall in to when they first get started, such as buying emotionally, paying too much for the yield a property produces and buying in the wrong locations. Gaining access to David Pickup Property Investing’s network of property professionals is one way you can get that informal, sharing and friendly environment to help you make that first step or continue to make them to increase your property portfolio.

We are here to support every step of your journey, no matter what route you take.