We're passionate about property.

Why David Pickup Property Investing?

We understand that everyone is in a different financial position – and that you invest for your own set of personal reasons. We also know that our clients have different levels of knowledge when it comes to knowing where, what and when to invest in the UK investment property market.

So, we will work with you to clarify what you want to achieve, why you want to invest and how you’re going to invest ­– and then together we can design a plan specifically with you in mind based on your cash flow, and one that doesn’t negatively affect your lifestyle. With a wide range of service offerings such as JV partnership, Refurb management, Mentorship and Coaching and Project Management we can establish a working relationship based on a level of involvement that you are comfortable with: hands on and physically present throughout the project or as an ‘armchair’ investor.

We’ll take all the time you need to guide and share with you as much information as you need, in order for you to make an informed decision before you invest in the UK investment property market.

You’ll be confident that you’ve understood all the necessary considerations for knowing when to invest and what to invest in to build a successful property portfolio.


Discover your core property objectives. Realise what is possible. Clarify your best strategy and fulfil your potential.


Learn how to build a property business. Understand what makes a sound property purchase. Run your property portfolio effectively and profitably.


Access to a trusted, highly qualified team. Find deals which work for you. Release your funds. Maximise your profit and build your portfolio.