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David Pickup Property Investing can help you in a number of ways:


David Pickup Property Investing offers a bespoke property deal brokering service for investors and has developed a reputation for sourcing excellent investments and offering an honest opinion. We source investment opportunities for the professional investor favouring investment for the medium to long term. The investments are focussed on Return on Investment (ROI) and cash flow. Contact us today to find out how he can help build or add to your investment portfolio.


Our investors provide the capital needed to fund both the purchase and renovation of each property. Our role in the ‘Joint Venture’ is to provide all associated services to ensure that you get a 100% capital guarantee and % returns on proceeds after resale.

We will identify below market value properties and buy these discounted residential assets using our cash purchasing power which allows us to command a discount from the RICS market value. We use various strategies to achieve great discounts for ourselves and our Joint Venture partners.

We use our power team of hand-picked refurb specialists to ensure quality renovation of all our properties to have the best chance at resale or attracting the best tenants. What we do is very simple – we ingeniously use several teams skilled in diverse fields and bring them together to generate exceptional results. David Pickup Property Investing is your property investment joint venture partner of choice.


When investing in property, like business, it’s important to have a coach or mentor to accelerate your route to success. Having a coach or mentor ensures you continue on course, remain accountable and stay focussed on the end goal whether that be starting out with the acquisition of your first investment property or restructuring your entire portfolio.

The 5 critical success factors to succeed in property:
  1. Being clear on your goals and strategy and not being distracted from this
  2. Having the right mindset and belief in what you are trying to achieve
  3. Ability to negotiate, close deals and take action
  4. Make good quick decisions and stop procrastinating
  5. In-depth knowledge in your area and field

Through Mentoring, Coaching and Training using insider knowledge, expertise, a proven track record and network of valuable contacts. We will show you how to build a property portfolio or maximise the most from what you have, whilst avoiding the expensive and time-consuming mistakes that many people both new and experienced can and often do make along the way.

When you first start out it can be lonely and hard to make decisions. David Pickup Property Investing will be your support network, ready to advise and assist by granting you access to the wealth of knowledge gained over many years as property professionals and our extensive list of trusted contractors.


Our discovery days are unique because they offer a guided tour of REAL projects, exploring and discussing real issues and solutions we used followed by an open and honest discussion giving you an insight into the process, the people and most importantly the results.


If your life is busy, allow us to professionally manage your project so you can focus on your existing commitments.

Our aim is to create a smooth process so you can get on with your busy life. We aim to save you enormous amounts of time and energy, whilst actively seeking to also save you money.

Whether you are looking for friendly advice or the right team to fully manage your project, contact us today.